I am Erika Mitchell, founder of The Forgiveness Method™ and owner of Peace Path Connections.  I am so happy you are here.  Right now, you may be facing challenges and struggling with the outside world, but I am going to help you discover just how amazing your inside world is. How? Simple. With a variety of holistic techniques that I have used to help many others just like you discover how incredibly happy and healthy they can become.

Am I a doctor? No. Can I prescribe medicine? Not at all. I'm a holistic healthcare professional, nutrition specialist, ayurvedic health coach, forgiveness therapist, Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher, and success coach. I specialize in bridging the gap between modern day medicine and a more natural holistic approach to healing emotional and physical ailments. As you can see, I love being able to provide patients with an experience of the body-mind-spirit-emotion connection. Elevating others is my thing...

I’ve helped everyone from adults and teenagers dealing with health issues like ADHD, trauma, anxiety and depression, to special needs kiddos, to those suffering with chronic pain, terminal illness, eating disorders, to couples dealing with relationship issues. I am blessed to be able to help so many. Truly blessed.

There are no medications. No shots. No insurance co-pays. What I offer is a unique opportunity for you to invest in yourself, to discover the beauty of your inside world, and to start living a happy, healthier life. Your future is going to be amazing and I cannot wait for us to get started. Our first step on this beautiful journey is just a step away.


Get Happy, Get Healthy, & Rediscover You,