success Stories

We capture happy stories from people all over the world. I absolutely love receiving your success stories and am truly humbled by these words below. Share your experience, share your success.

Happy Couple

Erika has made such a difference in how we approach and view our marriage. My husband and I are both professionals over the age of 50 and came in with some very sensitive issues. Our experience with Erika has been more effective, more psychologically and emotionally eye-opening, and more productive than all of our previous counselors combined. Today, we feel more connected than ever, we have more fun, and we feel optimistic about the future.


Fear of Public Speaking

In the midst of a very tumultuous conference at work, a friend suggested that I call Erika for an emergency session. I had no idea what EPT was, but I knew I needed help with my fear of public speaking. Before my skype session, my stomach was in knots and I literally felt sick from worry and anxiety. My thoughts were obsessively negative. After my session, I felt relaxed and at ease and I was able to confidently deliver my presentation. I'm so happy that I tried EPT. I will definitely be back.


Emotional Polarity

Erika has helped me so much get rid of feeling and guilt I have had for years in a gentle non judging way. She is so sincere and professional. When I come home from a session I can see clearly what I need to do next in my life . I have told all my friends about her.


Alkaline lifestyle for picky eater

I have been a health care educator for more than 15 years. I met Erika through Cincinnati Children's Hospital and was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for holistic living. She has a unique way of simplifying information...making new concepts tangible and easy to implement. Her nutritional assessment is very thorough and educational. Erika helped me devise an alkaline lifestyle suited for my specific needs and she even went out of her way to talk with my doctor. Very thankful!


Exceptional Results

I am a new woman since starting the bio-harmonization allergy treatments and nutritional support. My experience has been deeply profound in a very short period. I have seen dozens of doctors and have tried numerous supplements with little to no avail. After 2 years of stomach pain, gas, constipation, and excessive bloating my stomach is down dramatically, my bowels are regular, and I have increased energy with no stomach pain. I am down a pant size and am feeling incredible. Thank you Erika!


If you are reading this, you need to schedule with Erika today

My wife I were referred to Erika for marriage counseling. Previous marriage help was a waist of time and I never felt like we made any actual progress. Erika is down to earth, neutral, humorous and engaging. The happy couple program and relationship lifestyle system that she taught us is powerful. She guided us out of a 12 year blame cycle into forgiveness and compassion. After a few sessions with Erika, we are doing so much better and are now ministering our story to other couples. Call Erika!


Erika is awesome

Erika helped me combat a horrendous sinus infection. I found relief very quickly after being treated for pollen. I also learned about other allergies and sensitivities that are contributing to my health. Erika took time to answer all of my questions and was very caring from start to finish. Her office is beautiful and calming. I highly recommend her technique to anyone that is looking for a natural way to mitigate allergies.


Total Body Modification & Emotional Polarity Therapy

My Chiropractor referred me to Erika for chronic neck pain, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and depression. She is a very caring holistic therapist that gave me hope after years of pain and suffering. I am feeling significantly better with the holistic treatments Erika offers and highly recommend her services to others. She has guided me to the root of my health concerns both gently and quickly and I am extremely grateful that I found her.


Worth the investment

We have been working with Erika for a couple of months. We came in with some serious relationship issues related to hectic schedules, communication differences, & a lack of sexual intimacy. Much of our struggle was derived from our blended Brady bunch family and dealing with the stress of exes. Erika has helped us identify core issue which has led us to fixing our communication problem and has given us the tools to have more harmony in our home. We highly recommend her to other couples.



I've had arthritis in my knees since I was 11 years old. I went to seek help with the pain from Erika. After working with Erika for only an hour I went home. I woke the next day to pain free knees for the first time in 36 years.This is an absolute miracle.I highly recommend Erika's services to anyone that needs relief from chronic pain. Still to this day I'm pain free.


Compassionate, knowledgeable, & Fun

Erika's nutritional philosophy and approach to healing is extremely thorough and begins with an incredibly detailed intake form and evaluation. I would recommend Erika not just to people who are looking to shed a few pounds, but to anyone who has ever had challenges with food, physiologically or emotionally. She provided me with the perfect touch of emotional support, dietary changes and tips, supplements, recipes, and coping strategies and is helping me better manage a history of binge eating.


EPT is changing my life

I have been practicing traditional mental health therapy for 25 years; my sister suggested EPT with Erika when I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and couldn't shake it. Erika continues to work with me in resolving childhood conflicts that are effecting my adult life. I always feel so much relief after a session; I wish I could go every day.