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 Whether you are dealing with physical or emotional areas of your life that you are ready to improve, I am here to support you and guide you towards the path that will lead you to the happiest and healthiest version of you. Before we get started, take a moment and pause...gently close your eyes, and allow yourself to imagine the beautiful life that you've been longing for. That happy feeling you have right now is the cheering of your inside world. When you're ready, I am here to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself guiding you to experience more balance and joy in your life. 




The Forgiveness Method™ is a gentle yet potent holistic treatment that allows you to change unwanted behaviors and patterns that keep you from leading your best life. With the Forgiveness Method™, we pinpoint the source of what is holding you back and quickly correct it.  I partner with you to give you relief, just like thousands of other individuals, couples, teens, and children either in person or online. Together, we will uncover hurtful events and stressors that are limiting you, release them, and get you back on track to a life of health and happiness.

 Science got it right, stress is in-fact the single most common thread in nearly all physical and emotional issues.  That's an incredibly empowering discovery. Over the last decade science has proven what we have known all along, that our physical body is influenced by our thoughts, words, emotions, and past experiences which are stored at a cellular level. To manage stressful events surrounding you in your daily life, your body stores this silent killer in your organs, muscles and tissues. This unhealthy response combined with a hectic lifestyle leads to a variety of barriers in your daily life such as unhappy relationships, chronic pain, digestive disorders, low self-esteem, weight gain, fatigue, illness, depression, anger, and even that dreaded sense of feeling stuck.

Through the Forgiveness Method™you will gain an understanding as to why you react the way you do and why you continue to respond to similar situations in the same way even though you try hard not to. You’ll be able to let go of what doesn’t work for you and make the shift into a more positive pattern. As a result, you’ll experience more health and happiness in your life. Let's dive in.  


The Forgiveness Method™ allows us to uncover the core issues that are limiting you and keeping you from the best version of you. We eliminate the negative effects to your body, brain, and bio-field by locating the core issue(s) through kinesiology (muscle testing) and deductive reasoning.  Using a blend of the most effective holistic and natural holistic healthcare methods, we eliminate the imbalances and restore normal functions to the emotions, mind, body, and spirit. This is a gentle process of restoring homeostasis and has an effect of resetting the brain and body. With the power of forgiveness and positive affirmations, I guide you in releasing old hurts and negative thought patterns that hold you back and keep you from the life that you want and deserve. This allows you to move forward exponentially so that you can experience a happier, healthier version of you. The Forgiveness Method™ is a profound and comprehensive holistic health care tool to help you feel better fast and is best understood by experiencing it. I am deeply grateful to share this gift with so many and look forward to partnering with you.






Your life is full of so many emotions. Emotions that have so much effect on everything that you do. Sometimes those emotions are wonderful… other times not so much. Whether you are managing depression, grief, anxiety, trauma, an eating disorder, a lack of motivation, a broken heart, or that dreaded sense of feeling stuck, I help you let go of the hurt, build forward momentum, and refocus your life with passion and purpose. There are times that we question why we feel the way that we do and it’s hard trying to find the answers. Searching for answers can feel lonely, confusing, and many times we feel embarrassed to ask for help. Many times we feel humiliated to identify our symptoms. Well, don’t be embarrassed to ask me for help. I love what I do! Every day, I work with people just like you to help find answers to those life’s questions that seem unanswerable. I think you’ll be surprised with how much better you will feel in a short amount of time. Together, we will discover deep rooted issues, release the past, and we'll create new patterns that work for your ultimate success and happiness.  You deserve to be happy and healthy.  



Trust me, I’ve been there… and it’s going to be okay. The emotions that you are feeling are natural, they’re part of growing up. They’re part of being a teenager but you don't have to be trapped in these feelings. You may feel like the only person out there that feels the way that you do, but you’re not alone. I’ve helped so many teenagers that feel exactly like you do. So, take a deep breath, relax, and just enjoy being the wonderful person that you are. No matter what you’re dealing with, we’re gonna get through it… together.



There will be times when it seems that everything in your relationship is going wrong. That’s okay. Don’t worry. Many couples that show up in my office have already been through some form of counseling. They are ready for change but don’t know how to create the change they seek. Sometimes couples come in without an obstacle, or what they would consider “major problems”. They simply have a deep desire to grow their relationship beyond social norms. They are seeking something better...something deeper.

Marriage and couples counseling are very beneficial treatment options for those that wish to strengthen their relationship and improve family dynamics through talking. I am a big supporter of traditional couples therapy but I do not offer it here. What you will find with me, is different, and perhaps best understood by experiencing it. I will work together with you and your loved one to help discover what is causing those difficult times and help you overcome them. I will help you create lasting positive change that brings you both more of what you want. Our time together will lead to a better understanding of your partner, and yourself. Rediscover that feeling you had when you both first met. See that smile on your face? It’s going to be okay. Schedule your first “Happy Couple” session today and let’s get started. Please note, our couples counseling is currently full. Please email to be added to the waitlist.



The emotions that you are feeling right now are completely normal. Everyone that deals with illness goes through so many emotions, and that’s okay. You have a right to feel all of your feelings. This is a difficult time, and you may feel like life has turned it’s back on you… but I haven’t.  I’m here to facilitate a unique approach to healing and help you get through this. No matter what. I’m here for you. 


The ability to focus is completely lost when we are suffering with pain. And when modern medicine cannot ease the pain, the mind can slip into a feeling of hopelessness and despair. I have been there. There is hope. I can help.  Many people don't realize how the emotional body and chronic stress contributes to physical pain. I specialize in uncovering the root emotional block of chronic pain and partner with you to release it.  As a trusted pain specialist who provides holistic therapy for many types of acute and chronic pain issues, I use a patient centered and collaborative approach to help you feel better fast. These non-pharmacological and non-surgical approaches aren’t simply alternative medicine, they are becoming the new standard of pain care around the country.  When doctors suspect their patients have chronic pain related to stress or an emotional component, they refer them to me. I work closely with you and your doctor to help you find relief so that you can gain victory over pain.


Ready to improve your relationships, reduce pain naturally, achieve your career goals, kick cigarettes, increase happiness, gain direction, improve self confidence, or get lean? When you're ready, you'll know, and I'll be here to help you help you succeed. The Forgiveness Method is for anyone looking to make a positive and healthy change quickly. Ninety-nine percent of patients feel positive results in just one visit.  I welcome clients of all diverse backgrounds, providing in person and online appointments to meet your needs.  I’m here for you every step of the way to coach, guide, motivate, and see that you achieve the best version of you.


Nutritional coaching is a very personal matter to me.  My story, like many of yours, starts from a place of pure desperation. It wasn't until I was suffering from severe migraine headaches and intermittent bouts of anxiety, depression and extreme fatigue that I knew my lifestyle had an impact on how I felt. Starting out, I made a few adjustments to my lifestyle and initially took the mainstream medical route to managing my debilitating symptoms. Admittingly, I did find some relief with medication... but on the other hand, I also found that the side effects of the medicine left me extremely lethargic and incapacitated. I just didn't feel like myself. It turns out, the medicine I was taking was actually toxic to my body.  After switching from one medication to another and visiting over a dozen different doctors and specialists, I still felt crummy.  I knew there was an integral part of my plan missing. Sound familiar? Knowing that I still felt horrible and having a deep desire to live a life without succumbing to a life of prescription pills bottles, I sought out alternative medicine as a way to heal my body. The ancient wisdom of holistic living completely changed my life. From that moment on my life became more amazing than I thought possible, and I was hooked on the world of natural holistic living forever. I'm thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise with you. When you're ready, I provide individualized coaching in person and online. Grab your schedule, keep reading, and get ready to experience your own incredible life changing moment.


My approach to healthy living is all about simplicity. Together, we will focus on balancing the connection between your body, mind, emotions and one-size-fits-all plans here. Whatever your goals may be, you will find an approach and plan that works especially for you that is delightfully fun and educational. I honor your unique situation and help you launch your new life from exactly where you’re at. No judgement. No shame. No guilt.  I am here to support you with positive encouragement every step of the way.

 I believe in keeping life simple, balanced, relaxing, and fun.  Complex meal plans and trendy fad diets just don't work. Embracing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to overwhelm you, in fact I fully support your path to success with easy meals, quick meal planning, healthy snacks on the run, and stress free cooking.  Why?  Because simplicity works! Holistic living isn’t just about the foods that we eat, it’s about loving ourselves, our bodies, and our lives. There is a huge component lacking in nearly all diets and cleanses on the market today, it's the emotional piece, the unexpected human pitfall, and the missing key in making any nutrition program a lasting success. Let's face it, sheer willpower alone simply doesn't produce life long results.  I help you avoid this pitfall and keep you moving in the right direction. I work with you to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, to learn to love yourself, to show you how to love healthy living, and I help you transition into the life that you truly want and deserve. By combining the best evidence-based nutritional science, results oriented goal setting, and mind-body holistic nutrition, I help you transform your relationship with yourself and the food that you eat.  We’ll begin our journey together with a detailed intake form + your initial assessment.


The bare coconut program is the perfect start to whole body wellness and helps you bring your body into balance through nutrient rich wholesome foods and nutritional supplements. With bare coconut, you no longer have to guess which supplements are best for you.  We start with a complete nutrition analysis, testing the body's neurological reflexes and pressure points. The neurological reflexes are derived from the part of the nervous system whose job is to regulate the functions of each and every organ. The pressure points are similar to those in the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture, which is thousands of years old. Each reflex represents a specific organ, tissue, or function, and indicates the effect that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body. By testing and balancing these reflex points, we have a system of monitoring your body at each visit that helps us identify your unique needs.  Clients are typically seen once every six to twelve weeks.  I provide you with the perfect plan with the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet, either in food form or nutritional supplement form, in order to bring about about improved health. You'll be happy to know that I am not married to one particular product so you'll always have my most sincere recommendations based upon your specific needs.  My recommendations are always about your success. Together, we harness your body's natural ability to function optimally so that you see, feel and experience true body radiance.



The Pure Coconut program is the perfect nutritional coaching plan to help you achieve the healthiest version of you. When you're truly ready to connect to whole body holistic living, you'll feel an inner calling, a knowingness that it is time cleanse and renew.  Whether you are new to holistic living, need support revamping your goals and creating life long habits, are managing illness, dealing with fertility issues, want to shed some extra weight, or you simply want to transition into a specialty lifestyle (ayurveda, alkaline, vegetarian, vegan, primal, etc.) we'll dive deep into the emotional and physical aspects of your specific goals and needs.  Together we will dig deep to uncover the roots that are causing the symptoms that rob you of your energy and radiance. I will help you develop an easy to follow plan that focuses on your specific needs. Using food, lifestyle modification and supplementation, we will give your body what it needs to function properly. With pure coconut, you will receive all of the benefits of bare coconut + you'll also see the amazing results of your laser like focus and uniquely designed wellness plan. With your commitment and my support, you will have accountability and success. Before you know it, you'll feel confident, healthy, empowered, and fearless. Let's get started.



As someone who truly LOVES coaching and elevating others, I am thrilled to start this incredible journey of supporting you as you rediscover the best version of you. Before we get started, it’s important to ask and consider is nutritional coaching right for you? Nutritional coaching is a very personal matter, are you ready?


  • I coach women, men, & teens to adopt and love healthy lifestyles.

  • I provide you with a well designed road-map to help you navigate nutrition and your body.

  • I help you understand and battle against illness through detoxification, whole body-mind wellness, and pure focused living.

  • I help you become a limiting belief slayer.

  • I simplify holistic eating through education, meal planning, and nutrient rich whole food recipes.

  • I provide nutritional analysis via kinesiology and functional lab work.

  • I use a variety of top notch nutritional supplements to bring you the most potent and cost effective solutions for improving your health.

  • I educate you as to which whole food nutritional supplements and herbs your body really needs by using muscle testing and/or lab work.

  • I collaborate with your other health care professionals (gastroenterologist, chiropractic physician, oncologist, primary care physician, etc.)


  • Improve body image

  • Detoxification

  • Thyroid & glandular 

  • Hormone health

  • Improve digestion

  • Develop fitness plans to improve physical health

  • Healing from cancer and other illness

  • Food allergies and sensitivities 

  • Postpartum nutrition and weight loss (I’ve been there ladies ….4 times)

  • Healing emotional relationship with food

  • Specialty lifestyles (alkaline, raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc.)

  • Combatting disease or illness (i.e. diabetes, heart health, cholesterol, etc.)

  • Much more!


  • Use a positive approach to weight, body image, and nutrition

  • Establish a lifestyle plan that works for you

  • Learn how to nourish your body properly with whole organic foods

  • Approach health challenges (i.e. digestion, diabetes, low immunity, fatigue, mood issues, cancer, food allergies,) in a new way

  • Develop strategies to keep yourself accountable and on the right path

  • Learn to achieve your desired healthy weight and how to maintain your ideal weight

  • Increase your knowledge of nutrition and understand how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact your weight, eating habits, and body image

  • Learn to listen to your body

  • Understand the vibrational component of foods and the endless benefits of clean eating


  • You’re ready to put yourself and your health first

  • You’re open to a holistic, mind-body approach

  • You have a desire for guidance, accountability, support, and a positive coach to motivate and help you change your behaviors to get you where you want to be

  • You’re committed to making lifestyle changes I recommend to reach your goals

  • You’re dedicated to making lifelong changes and are ready for total life transformation

  • You want to work with a qualified and experienced nutrition professional that is completely supportive and wants nothing more than to see you rock your success!